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                                                                                                             Balancing Rock


                                    Places to eat

When you are not cooking your own food at your campsite , why not check out the place

where the locals like to eat .

Free small soft serve for any of our customers staying with us at

Just Above Water Cafe when they puchase a food item.

Just Above Water Cafe is located just a 5 minute ferry ride away and is a local favorite. 

Customers can park in front of or behind cafe or they can park their cars at ferry wharf

and walk across, its fun and free!

Ferry runs every hour 24/7 so there is no missing the ferry. They offer fresh seafood

such as deep fried clams, fish, scallops and burgers as well as many other favorite items. 
Hard ice cream and soft serve ice cream is also available.

Nearby Attractions:

Visitors to Digby Neck and Islands are always surprised by how many things there are to see and do here. A 28 item itinerary of things to do from Whale Cove Campground to Brier Island is given out when you arrive, the staff at Whale Cove Campground can help with the many choices to fit your schedule.
Below are just some of the things to do on Digby Neck and Islands.

Several Ocean Tours such as the Bay of Fundy Scenic Lobster tours and Whale Watch tours will give you 10% off by staying with us. Please call or email for details.

Button's Lake and Bay of Fundy Shore Trail

Buttons lake is a beautiful small lake in the woods with a small island in it. It is home to many small wildlife such as geese and different types of birds. Locals grew up swimming in this lake so take a short walk and swim and relax.


Another trail from Buttons lake takes you to the Bay of Fundy Shore. Expect to be sitting there for a long time watching the sea, boats and marine animals.



Our Bay of Fundy Look Off

Our look off is on the Whale Cove Campground property. Enjoy watching boats or a beautiful sunset while sitting on the benches and relaxing.

Festivals and events:

Scallop Days

Digby is known as the Scallop Capital of the world and has one of the world's largest scallop fleets! Musical events, scallop shucking competitions, parades, and much more are offered!



Lobster Bash 

The Lobster Bash is all about Lobster! It is a celebration to promote the Lobster Industry in South West Nova Scotia and offers outdoor concerts as well as competitions such as the Lobster Trap Trawl Competition. The Lobster trap maze is something everyone will enjoy!



Wharf Rat Rally 

 Wharf Rat Rally is the largest Motorcycle Rally in Atlantic Canada.

The events during this rally is too numerous to list but offers concerts, bike tours, burnouts and much more!


Breaking Wave Music and Film Festival 

A music and art festival featuring wonderful Nova Scotia talent

Bay of Fundy Scenic Lobster Tours

Combine the fun of a boat ride through the St.Mary's Bay and Bay of Fundy via Petite

Passage while looking at scenery including Balancing Rock and also hauling lobster traps.

For more information please go to www.bayoffundylobstertours.com or call our office at

902 834 2025

Whale Watching:

Whales are a common sight and can be seen on Whale Watching Tours.These are available nearby and we have many brochures in our office.




Balancing Rock -- Long Island, N.S.




Hiking is always a favorite with visitors and there are numerous hiking trails for everyone to enjoy with amazing scenery. The best known and most impressive is the Balancing Rock Trail but other trails such as the Northern Light & Coastal Trail, Western Light Trail, Central Grove Trail and The Althouse Look off Trail in Tiverton are just as spectacular in their own way.

 Birds and Plants:

Brier Island is one of the most recognized and important bird areas in the Maritimes, the diversity of birds that can be seen there is amazing. Since Brier Island is on the Atlantic Flyway, many different varieties of birds visit the island during migration. The Nova Scotia Bird Society Sanctuary Trust owns Peter Island as a bird sanctuary and encourages conservation there.

Brier Island also has a large number of rare and common plant varieties such as the endangered Eastern Mountain Avens. Other plants include Bluebead Lily, Pink Ladyslipper, Fireweed, Yellow Iris, Shrubby Cinquefoil and Pitcher Plant. A big portion of Brier island is a nature preserve administered by the Nature Conservancy of Canada.


Little River is a great to visit especially for those who like to fish off the wharf!


"Lake Midway" is the large lake on route down Digby Neck. It is a picnic park.Swimming is popular here. A nice place to rest and enjoy leisure time.

History of Joshua Slocum of Westport,N.S.

'Joshua Slocum 'is the well known sailor who
came to Westport in late 1800's. Westport
is a special little island which draws many

tourists every year.

Digby is not only “The most Romantic Town” in Canada but it is also known for its variety of Festivals, Events and Recreation. Sea kayaking, Wilderness canoeing, sailing and seafood is just a few. Digby is located 30 minutes from Whale Cove Campground and would make a good day trip.