Whale Cove Campground

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Places to eat:

When you are not cooking your own food at your campsite or enjoying our fresh lobster, why not check out these wonderful places to eat on Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island.

Our Fresh Lobster:

Lobster is a social food as it brings people together. It’s so enjoyable, its an experience and not just a meal.There is nothing like the taste of a good lobster and its not as expensive as you might think. Lobster is no longer for that special occasion. It is very easy to cook at a campground and it has a wonderful flavor any time of the year. The lobster prices vary season to season and buying them from Whale Cove Campground will be very reasonable. Pots are available to borrow to steam your lobster or have Whale Cove Take-Out cook them for you. 

Whale Cove Take-Out is located on the property of Whale Cove Campground and it opens on June 1st. We offer fresh seafood such as deep fried clams, fish, scallops and shrimp as well as many other favorite items. Soft serve ice cream in 24 different flavors is also available.


Petite Passage Cafe and Whale Watch is located in East Ferry, they have a Cafe as well as offer Whale Watch Tours. They offer Rappure Pie, Seafood Chowder, homemade soup and fresh rolls and much more!

Lavena’s Catch Café  is located on Long Island in Freeport. This cafe has been recommended in "Where To Eat In Canada" and has also been featured in Food Network's "PITCHIN" IN" with Chef Lynn Crawford. Lavena has become very well known for her wonderful seafood dishes. Freeport Whale & Seabird Tours are located here.

Lighthouse Cafe is located on Brier Island and is known for their good food and variety. Locals and visitors all like their Fresh Fish Burgers, Lobsters rolls and much more.